Black Sakura Legging


Is this for real?

Yes. This is 100% for real. No tricks. We’ve been around for a while - you can check us out on IG here:

Why is Paragon doing this?

Trying out a new premium brand can be scary because you have handed over a lot of cash without knowing if their stuff is any good. We figured this is a way to let you see for yourself that our products really are great, without all the scariness.

We also believe that every woman deserves to experience luxury & this is a way to do so affordably.

It's a bummer when products sell out quickly and some people don't get what they want. Preorders fix that, because everyone can get their size or color. When you preorder, you're also helping the brand grow - preorders tell us what to make more of. We love having you more involved! ❤️

What is sizing like?

If you're placing a preorder now or waitlisting now, we suggest ordering true to size.

The inseam of these leggings is around 26.5" but varies slightly by size and batch.

If you still aren’t sure what size to order, just shoot us an email at We’d be happy to help you find the right fit!

IMPORTANT: The leggings from our first production batch that were available on April 30 (now sold out) were about 1 full size smaller than the big brands, so if you received sizing suggestions from Paragon athletes, keep in mind that preorder sizing is different.

NOTE: Our custom made fabric is extremely stretchy, so while the garment may look small before you put it on, it should stretch to fit you comfortably and mold to your shape after a few wears.

When will preorders ship?

We estimate that preorders will ship to you in August 2019. When your leggings are ready, they'll ship automatically.

Can I change my shipping address or size before it ships?

You bet. We'll be keeping you in the loop with how production is going and you'll be notified before it ships. All you have to do is email us with changes to your order.

What's the deal with preorders?

You're able to preorder black Sakura Leggings. You pay the $25 up front, then your legging ships for free when it’s ready. You'll be able to cancel for free within 48h of placing your order if you change your mind. After that, because your legging will be made to order, you will not be able to cancel for a refund.

What's the deal with waitlisting?

With waitlisting, you don’t have to put any money down. You give us your number and the size you want, then we’ll text you first when they restock. Compared to preordering, you will have a longer wait and there isn’t a guarantee you’ll get one.

What’s your return policy like?

For most products from our collections, we have a 30 day return policy and returns are easy as pie. But at the $25 price point, we actually lose money when we sell a black Sakura Legging, so unfortunately we cannot take returns on these and orders cannot be cancelled after the 48h mark, as mentioned above. We realize that’s a little scary and means you’re taking a little bit of a risk. We get it - we are too. We’re betting on the fact that you’ll love our luxury leggings so much, you’ll come back to buy our regular collections. It’s a little scary for both of us but we think this relationship is going places (unlike that last Tinder date).

Of course, if you receive a defective product, that's always returnable.

Are all of your leggings $25?

No, just our black Sakura Leggings.

Will I get free U.S. shipping if I don't buy a black Sakura Legging?

No, only orders that contain a black Sakura Legging will be eligible for our free U.S. shipping promotion.

I'm not in the U.S. Can I get these?

Yes! But we can't do free shipping because shipping internationally costs a lot more. You'll be able to buy or preorder your black Sakura Leggings for $25, but you'll have to pay shipping to wherever you live. Our shipping costs are pass along, meaning we charge you what USPS charges us.

Note to Canadian customers: in the past, we have subsidized the cost of shipping to Canada down to $7.99. Unfortunately, we can't do that with these leggings so you'll be charged our true cost of shipping to Canada, which is generally between $9 and $23 depending on your specific location.

Does the black Sakura Legging really cost you $25?

Yes, it does - and we love that you want to know more! Here's an overview of what goes into making a pair of our leggings:

Materials - custom fabric development, knitting, Bluesign certified dyeing, lab testing
Labor - design, patternmaking, fittings, cut and sew assembly, production management, quality inspections
Accessories - artwork, bags, care labels
Freight - cost of getting our products from across the world to our warehouse, plus any import duties

It adds up quickly, and when you add in the cost of getting the leggings from us to you, we’re over $25.

We lose money on this deal, but it is all intentional. We have more than double the industry average number of return customers - because we make great products! So this deal is our way of putting our money where our mouth is. We lose money upfront because we believe that after you try our leggings and see how great they are, you’ll be a customer for life and you’ll tell your friends about them.