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How it works

So, you’re probably wondering how plastic bottles turn into super soft leggings and bras?
That’s a fair question - we’ll break it down for ya!


The bottles are sorted and cleaned.

Shower-time! 💧

Bottles have a lot of different categories based on their material. Six to be precise! Our products are made from plastic type #1 - Polyethylene Terephthalate, which you may know as PET plastic. It’s that #1 code labeled at the bottom of your iced tea bottles, peanut butter containers, and cleaning products!

When they arrive at the facility, they are weighed, logged, and steam washed. This process removes bottle caps and labels. They are then sorted by color - the clear bottles make up your clothes! How cool is that?!


The bottles are chipped into little pieces.

Shred baby shred!

This is when we shred the PET materials into little flakes!
We take a last look for any sneaky foreign materials that may have found their way through.

Then, we wash the flakes with disinfectants and cleaning agents, before rinsing and drying them to get them squeaky-clean!


The chips are melted into pellets.

Now things are really heating up! 🔥

The chips get melted down into long strings (if you’re envisioning what playdough spaghetti looks like in your head right now, that’s pretty accurate).

Then they are chipped into little pellets that look like those cute little melt-in-your-mouth mints. (But you can’t eat these!)


The yarn is knit into fabric.

Things are getting reel - the yarn is knit. 🧵

The pellets then get reheated and extruded to make silk-thin threads.

These threads get spun into our exclusive, compressive yarn (named Surelux), which is packaged and sent to our knitting facility!


The fabric is dyed.

We want ALL the colors. 🎨

FINALLY! This is where some serious fun happens and gorgeous colors are made. Darker colored fabrics can often be less soft and less stretchy.

We worked to minimize this and adjusted our technique to create consistency across Surelux colors (yes, even black). We’re alllll about the comfort.