$68 luxury leggings for $25.

For the 🍑.

Your bum’s new BFF. Designed to flatter.

Soft as clouds.

Fabric you’ll never want to take off. 100% sheer-proof. Sweat-wicking.

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  • All the bang. Way less buck.

    Trying a new brand shouldn't be scary. So we’re giving you our new luxury leggings in black for less than what it costs us:


    Other colors available for $68

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    Katrina R

    I love the way these leggings feel! They fit me so well and I love the fact that it has pockets! At first glance I thought they would be way too small, but when I put them on they fit perfectly! They are also so soft and comfy! Worth every penny!

    Sarah B

    These leggings are great. Super comfortable, the pockets are amazing, great quality. I'd recommend sizing up because they do run small, but other than that they are perfect!

    Amanda W

    Really enjoy these leggings but I’m not a fan of the waistband and the length. I’m 5’3 so they are a little long on me. The waistband I wish was the same size in the front as the back- I need as much tummy control as possible haha. Other than that they are great!

    Grace P

    I love these leggings a lot! The legging material is smooth and buttery, feeling like a second skin. I do a lot of squats and lunges and appreciate that they are squat proof and do not fold, roll down, or slide down during exercising. I especially appreciate the pocket feature in these leggings. They're one of my favorite leggings for the gym! Would definitely recommend sizing up though-- I usually wear an XS but the S fit nice and snug.

    Kristen M

    I would definitely order more of these leggings, especially for the price. I’m 5’6 145 pounds with an athletic body type and the medium fit perfect. The material is soft but still compressive which I like, the high waist is very flattering, and the best part—no camel toe!! I would say they are squat proof, although the fabric stretches when I squat and gives them that sheer appearance.

    Courtney B

    I love these leggings! I sized up to a medium (5'4 and around 135 lbs) and they fit perfectly. They don't stretch around the waist when I workout which is my favorite quality. Jogging or lifting they stayed true to shape. I wish i could've ordered like three of these!

    Eileen R

    These leggings are the most comfortable and also functional leggings I own. They slide on like butter but remain completely squatproof when put to the test. The pockets are a game changer (especially when you forget your wireless headphones). I’m 5’0 and I think the leggings fit great, coming down to my ankle.

    Cailyn B

    These leggings are super comfortable and are super soft! I'm 5'4 and typically wear a size small for the other Paragon styles, but these ones fit slightly more snug. I would consider sizing up.

    Rebekah G

    5 out of 5 for me they are so soft and comfy!

    Jocelyn S

    These leggings are better than lululemon for a fraction of the price. The fabric is incredibly soft and stretchy.  The top is very controlling to help keep everything looking slim! The pockets are great for keeping your keys or phone during a run. They are squat proof which is a must for me.  They were almost full length on me, but I have fairly short lets.

    Emily C

    “Love these leggings! They are so soft, comfortable and just morphed to my body! The pockets are a huuuge plus ! Can’t wait to buy more, def worth the price”

    L Pompa

    LOVE!! These are worth every dime and I intend to keep buying from this company. They were so soft, just the right everywhere. And NO CAMEL TOE!!

    Tania T

    I love these leggings. I think they’re the perfect mix of cotton and spandex. I love that they’re squat proof and not see through. Also the pockets are a plus, they’re big enough to hold my iPhone 8plus!

    Dana S

    i LOVE these. i picked them up out of the package and they were like butter to the touch. they felt the same when i put them on. they are SO flattering and make you look good even when bloated. they have pockets which makes everything better, and i just feel so comfortable. not to mention, i’m 5’4” and they hit the perfect full length on my ankles without any extra bagging! #EXTRAWIN. i recommend these to everyone!!!

    Tamara B

    When I first tried them on I didn’t have to break them in a little to have them form to my body. I’m 5’7 and they were a little short on me due to my height but can be full length for those that are shorter. But even till then I loved the fact even when I bend down they didn’t fold over, plus love how the pockets are deep so you can fit your phone and it wouldn’t fall out. Literally love the material most of all and how they feel so soft!!

    Sarah B

    I absolutely love these leggings. The material is so unique in that the leggings actually fit better when you work out in them. They also have pockets, which literally put them in a category all their own against competitor’s leggings since I have yet to find another quality legging with pockets. I love that I can wear these out or to the gym that it’s not one or the other! They also are perfect for little legged people like myself; I am 5’5” and these leggings are literally the perfect length! I am obsessed!

    Shelby B

    I absolutely love these leggings! My first experience with Paragon and I’m officially hooked! They are definitely snug fitting to compress (which I love) but have the movement and feeedom you need for any workout! They’re thick enough to be squat proof but thin enough to not feel heavy. Absolutely buying many more colors!

    Katia C

    These are my go to black leggings!! They're squat proof and super soft. I'm 4'11 so they're a little long on me but you can scrunch them up or cuff them. For reference, I'm about 116lbs and size XS fits great!

    Rachel M

    These leggings are great. They fit wonderfully- I have a 28" waist and the medium is super comfy. I do notice that the seams don't stretch with the fabric as much as I'd like, but really happy with them overall!

    Marisol Z

    These are my go to workout leggings. Super soft and just love the side pockets. Sakura leggings are definitely a game changer. 🍑💪🏼 I ordered a size Small; I’m 5’1, 127 lbs and they’re full length on me. And you can’t beat the price!