Want to know how you can get all items in your cart for FREE? On Tuesday, August 21 you can - but you gotta be fast.

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Here's how the deal will work: on Tuesday, August 21 at 3PM exactly, we are going to activate 4 different discount codes on the store. The discount codes are in bold below.

  • 100% off = SUMMERCART1003 total uses available. (*up to value of $350)
  • 50% off = SUMMERCART50 - 30 total uses available. (*up to value of $350)
  • 35% off = SUMMERCART35 - 100 total uses available 
  • 25% off = SUMMERCART25 - 300 total uses available 

The discount codes will have a limited number of times that they can be used in total. So in order for you to take advantage of this deal, you'll have to be fast! After a discount code reaches its number of allowed uses, it will no longer work.

The first 3 speediest people will be able to get their entire cart free. The next 30 fastest will be able to get 50% off, and so on.

We’re going to run the deal for 48h ONLY or until all the discount codes are used. Everything on the site will be included in the promotion. 

Other stuff to know:

  • Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers
  • Fulfillment may be delayed by up to 48h due to order volume

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