Preorders FAQ

What items can I preorder?

We've decided to accept preorders for the Essential Legging, Authentic High-Rise Skinny Denim, and the Yuna High-Rise Track Shorts.

When can I preorder?

Preorders for the Essential Legging, Authentic Denim, and Yuna Track Short are reopened and available, but have returned to their original pricing.

Why preorders?

In exchange for waiting, you 1) are guaranteed to get the product you want 2) save money compared to the in-stock price 3) are involved with helping to grow the brand, by telling us what colors and sizes are important to you.

Why does the Yuna Short take longer?

The Yuna Short is a complicated garment, with multiple parts that takes longer to create and assemble. Because the estimated delivery date for these is later, the percent discount is bigger.

What is the return policy for these preorder items?

Cancel any time before it ships. After it ships, our usual return policy will apply (unworn and unwashed within the 30 day return window after receiving them).

If I have in-stock items and preorder items in the same order, what happens?

By default, we will hold your shipment. If you want your in-stock items earlier, we suggest placing two orders. If you place an order for an in-stock item and a preorder item, you can also email us to have your in-stock item shipped sooner but you will have to pay a second shipping charge.

The product I wanted sold out really fast on July 22 - what gives?

Some products fly off the shelves and others sell slowly. It can be REALLY hard for businesses to know how much product to make. That's why you see clearance sales (made too much) and sellouts (didn't make enough).

These situations are as frustrating for us as they are for you. We're getting better at predicting how much to make, but it's a slow and difficult process. Preorders offer a way to make sure you can get what you want. In the future, you can also help us figure out how much to make by signing up for Back in Stock notifications. Click to learn more.

Will I be able to update my shipping address if I move before it ships?

Yes. Just send an email to info@paragonfitwear.com as soon as you have your new address. If the product has already shipped, we won't be able to change it. But we'll be sending emails with updates about creation progress!