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You deserve quality activewear at a fair price.

Why is great activewear so expensive? You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, but doesn’t $100 for a pair of leggings seem a little crazy? Something wasn’t adding up, so we decided to dig deeper.

What we discovered is that the giants that created the “athleisure” industry are publicly traded companies, with shareholders that want to see profits maximized. Their business models often utilize physical retail stores, which are costly to staff and maintain. These factors keep the price of a pair of leggings artificially high, in some cases over $100.

At one point, $100 for a pair of outstanding leggings may have been a fair price. Times have changed. Online storefronts are much less costly to staff and maintain. The manufacturing industry has advanced significantly and first-rate quality can be created much more affordably than some brands want you to know - that would hurt their huge profits.

We realized this was an opportunity to help people shop smarter. By partnering with carefully selected manufacturers, operating as an online-only business, and connecting directly with customers, we’re able to offer better looking, luxury-grade activewear for a fraction of their price.

We believe quality activewear should make you feel great, look great, and not break the bank, so we’ve committed our brand to making luxury-grade activewear available at a revolutionary price.

It's simple - amazing products, affordable prices!