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Getting Ready for Our Black Friday Deals

2 min read

Our Black Friday deals are coming! We're closing out 2020 with a bang by offering major discounts on a number of products. Here's some important things to know:

- Carts are not held. This means if you add something to your cart, it isn't reserved for you and can still sell out. This is really important to know! Unfortunately, cart reservation technology is not available to us right now.

- The deals will only be available for 1 week! Starting November 23 @ 5PM Eastern time (note: this is different from our usual 3PM Eastern launch time).

- Email subscribers will have access 1 hour early, starting at 4PM Eastern!

- Some items will probably sell out lightning fast. Below we'll offer guesstimates as to how quickly items may sell out when the deals first go live during Early Access at 4PM so you can plan accordingly:

Everyday Legging Prototype - sell out within minutes - 700 available

Luxora Legging - sell out within minutes - 650 available

Colombia Tank - sell out within hours - 1300 available

Native Leggings Thyme & Sea - sell out within hours - 2250 available

Native Short Sea - sell out within hours - 850 available

Native Racerback Bra Sea - sell out within hours - - 885 available 

Vera Bra - may sell out within days - 2200 available

Wrap Legging - may sell out within days - 1000 available

Native Leggings Rhubarb, Gray, Black -sell out within days - - 2500 available

Native Racerback Bra Gray -may sell out within days - 860 available

Native Short Gray -may sell out within days - 860 available

Wrap Bike Short - may sell out within days - 2200 available

Please note these are guesses! It can be incredibly difficult to estimate what will sell out and what won't. Popular sizes will sell out first!

You can increase your chances of getting what you want by planning ahead on what to order, making sure you're on our email list to get Early Access at 4PM, and logging on right when the site goes live. Even then, it will still be a race though! We regularly have large crowds waiting for Early Access to go live.

- Some of the most heavily discounted products are final sale. That means they can't be returned.

- No Black Friday sale items will be eligible for our TryNow service.