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We're SO excited to share the Hello Summer collection with you! The collection is made up of colors and fabrics inspired by the summer state of mind and we'll be introducing a brand new exclusive to Paragon naked feel fabric...Reluna.

We've already anticipated a few questions and we're here to get you answers ASAP! 

How do I sign up for early access?

Go to the bottom of our website, and you’ll see a box where you can enter your email for early access. We’ll make sure to send it to you before launch! Keep in mind that early access is an hour before public launch and your password will work at that dedicated time (no earlier). 

What’s the difference between the new Naked Feel High Rise Legging and the Best Friend Legging?

Well, wouldn’t you know it - we have a helpful chart outlining the differences and similarities of all of our leggings and you can head on over to the Ultimate Legging Guide to get even more info! 

Are all of the Hello Summer styles made from the Reluna Fabric?

The Naked Racerback Crop and High Rise Naked Legging are the current styles made from the Reluna™ fabric. 

We're looking forward to making more styles in recycled fabrics!

Are the new leggings sweat and squat proof?

They are squat proof! 

These leggings are comparable with our Wrap and Best Friend Legging when it comes to sweat! Please note that it varies depending on how much sweat and specific colors.

Does the Recycled High Rise Naked Legging have a seam?

No front seam here! Most leggings are made of many small pieces of fabric sewn together which is easier to produce but can lead to discomfort or cameltoe. This legging is mostly 1 piece of fabric cut and sewn in just the right places. Minimal seams, maximum comfort. 

What is the Reluna material like? How thick/thin is it?

Think naked feel! The fabric is light, stretchy, and gives that next to nothing feeling (very similar to that famous $98 legging that you may have heard of). The fibers are thinner than a traditional nylon, but it’s an interlocked knit and high thread density giving it a durable and heavily brushed feel. 

What about pilling?

The fabric characteristics required to achieve the naked feeling makes this fabric susceptible to pilling. Pilling is normal over the lifetime of the garment. Check out our care/wash tips below or our Prevent Pilling Guide to help extend the life of the garment. 

How should I wash the fabric?

Avoid friction and heat! We recommend this for all of our products. Machine wash cold & air dry.

Washing “like-with-like” is a good approach to minimize friction in the wash, too: some cottons, velcro, zippers, etc. can snag on performance fabrics…try to wash gym wear together!

How is the Raglan different from the Sedona?

The big difference is the waffle fabric and the raglan sleeves (the diagonal seam from armpit to shoulder)! The 1/4 front zipper and thumb holes are the same on both styles for ultimate comfort. 

How do you make leggings out of plastic bottles?

Fantastic question - check out the full process here.

The TLDR? Basically clear bottles are cleaned, sorted, 'chipped' and melted down into pellets, which are then melted down further into thin silky threads that are then spun into our super soft yarn. That's when the fabric gets sent to our knitting facility to be dyed so you can have gorgeous colors like the ones in this collection!