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Let’s face it, last year was a bucket of chaos and we all pretty much made the collective decision to make whatever felt like the closest thing to ‘no pants’ the outfit of the year. 🤷 

While we are so here for the “leggings for every occasion” life, it can be hard to differentiate what makes a great workout outfit versus an everyday outfit.  

We’re here to help. 


Gym Essentials: Best Friend Legging - Featured: Chive from The Spring Refresh . (Yes, we’ve heard the rumors that we’re a dupe for a certain buttery soft brand out there...but we’d argue that we’re even better😉  ). 


Also, can we talk about sweat for a second? Yes, we are sufferers of the infamous ‘swass’ over here, too. We created gorgeous colors that show off your personality while still keeping you safe from sweat stains in all the wrong places.  

TLDR: Gym leggings should be beautiful and functional. And swass free. 



Alright, let’s talk about supporting all of our girls. Finding a great sports bra is the BANE of existence for so many women. Our team worked hard to create a fun and lightweight workout bra that actually keeps everyone locked down while still providing mobility and flexibility where it counts. A gym bra that doesn’t hold you back? You bet.😘


Gym Essentials: Sports bras that make you feel sexy and supported. Who knew?! Oh, we did. The Crossback Bra will is a game changer. 


Last but certainly not least...workout tops. Yup, we feel bad that tops just don’t get the same hype as leggings, because honestly, choosing a good gym shirt is JUST as crucial. 


What to look for:

Lightweight material that lets you breathe
A flattering neckline that makes you feel confident and allows for mobility
Built in shelf bra with removable cups (so you can choose what support you need)


Gym Essentials: Gym tops that stand out and support. Our Twinstrap Brami is a best seller AND our Spring Refresh colors will show your glow wherever you work out. 

Whether it’s leggings, shorts, tops or bras...we’re here for you, girl. Don’t sacrifice quality for the look when you can and should demand both. 
Shop The Spring Refreshnow and get your spring workout essentials!