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We stand in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism and police brutality.

We have an opportunity to be an ally towards real change. As a brand, we know it is our responsibility to use our platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement, to educate, share, and talk.

We are suspending regular marketing channels and putting all of our collective time and effort into learning and support.

For the next 8 and 3/4 days, you will not see posts from Paragon about products. Instead, you will see posts exclusively about social justice, each day. We will be elevating Black voices and sharing educational material. We will be highlighting peaceful protestors and stories not covered by the mainstream news. We will be using our platform to aid in the fight to dismantle systemic racism.

8 and 3/4 a day for each minute thatpolice officer Derek Chauvin knelt onGeorge Floyd’s neck, resulting in his death.

During this time, we are proud to announce that 100% of our net proceeds of all sales of all products will go to donation, after feeding our employees and keeping the lights on. We will be uploading daily receipts to various organizations listed below, all of which are fighting for racial equality. We invite you to join us.


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