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What makes the High Rise Supportive Legging different from others?

Great question! We have a helpful legging guide to walk you through the differences in each legging, but ultimately there’s a few differentiators for the High Rise Supportive Legging:

1. It’s made from a brand new fabric called Surelux™. Surelux™ is created from recycled plastic bottles so you can look good and do good.

2. Support! Imagine the perfect balance of cozy and compression...Surelux™ has it down. With a perfect combo of spandex and REPREVE fibers, you’ll get a supported feeling with a plush luxurious feel.

3. Luxe. A lot of compressed fabrics may have to sacrifice the luxurious finish, but not here! These leggings are brushed for a soft feel that doesn’t take away from the support. It’s like the perfect hug - supportive, cozy, and not too tight. 


How does Surelux relate to the Reluna fabric?

Think of Surelux™ as the sister to Reluna™. That ultrasoft feeling you love about the Naked styles translates to Supportive styles, except with more compression. Surelux™ styles offer more of a hugged feeling (and keeps everything locked in), whereas the Naked styles are a lighter weight and thinner feel. 

Is the High Rise Supportive Legging squat proof?

Absolutely. AND anti camel toe, because no one wants to deal with that either.😬

Does the High Rise Supportive Legging have a seam?

No front seam here! Most leggings are made of many small pieces of fabric sewn together which is easier to produce but can lead to discomfort or cameltoe. This legging is mostly 1 piece of fabric cut and sewn in just the right places. Minimal seams, maximum comfort. 

How do you make leggings out of plastic bottles?

Fantastic question - check out the full process here.

The TLDR? Basically clear bottles are cleaned, sorted, 'chipped' and melted down into pellets, which are then melted down further into thin silky threads that are then spun into our super soft yarn. That's when the fabric gets sent to our knitting facility to be dyed so you can have gorgeous colors like the ones in this collection!